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SALESFORCE - Closed $57,700 in 90 days

“Hey, I just want to give a quick shout-out to Brandon Bornancin and the whole team behind xxxxxx.

I’ve been following xxxxxx on LinkedIn for awhile now, and I finally decided to jump in and upgrade to Unlimited after my team paid over $100K on a database that was missing the majority of the people that we needed to sell to.
Within 90 days of upgrading to xxxxxx, I already found and closed 16 enterprise deals that brought in $57,700 in sales commissions. It’s been amazing.
The search engine for finding emails and cell phones has been absolutely priceless. Not only do I have the ability to directly access a prospect emails and cell phones anywhere on the web, I can import them easily into my Salesforce account!
This was the bane of my existence in Q1… searching for contact info and entering it all into each field into Salesforce took forever and made me want to blow my brains out every day.
And the best part is xxxxxx isn’t like those other databases where the data is bad or outdated. I’m finding 10x the people that work at the accounts I need to sell to with the highest success in accurate emails and cell phones, saving me countless hours of contacting dead numbers or people who don’t even work at my target accounts anymore!”
I’m off to a rolling start and doing quite well (if I do say so myself) and have nothing but gratitude for the whole team there at xxxxxx. If you’re thinking about upgrading to Unlimited, I highly recommend it!”

Brad M.

Grypmat - 4X Sales Increase, 1 Month

We had a good product, a great market, and some beta customers. But we needed to get the product in the hands of more people to grow our business.
However, we were stuck for years because we weren’t able to find the right people to sell. Let alone find their emails and phone numbers.
We started working with xxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxx team and they taught us how to use their A.I. engine so we would never have to worry about our pipeline ever again. The results were great.
Our sales prospecting efficiency went up by 32%
Our call to connect rate increased by 481%
Our numbers of meetings booked increased by over 73%
And we have this tool alone to thank for it.
We quadrupled our sales in just a few really simple steps and delivered a 2-3x ROI in the process.
We’re absolutely blown away over here at Grypmat. It feels great to finally burst through a plateau when you’ve been stuck. xxxxxxxxx is perfect for us!
Lucas La Tour, COO, Director of Sales @ Grypmat

Lucas L.

Grapevine6 - 2 to 6 meetings booked a day

“Before using xxxxxx, I was spending 80% of my time prospecting and researching perfect emails and cell phone numbers.
I mean, I lived on LinkedIn for hours a day. I was even doing it on the weekends so I could save myself time during the week.
I really didn’t know at the time that my methods for finding contact info were wasting so much time, or that there was a tool good enough to meet my needs and actually find valid contact info.
I just knew I had to find accurate info on the initial call before I dialed, or else it would be a total waste.
Then I found xxxxxx… in just a matter of just a few clicks, I hacked those hours down to minutes.
Not only did I go from booking a measly 2 meetings per day, to booking a whopping 6+ new meetings per day, but now I have my weekends back!
Considering we got back 2-3 days of extra productivity simply by implementing xxxxxx, I feel like I owe a great deal of our pipeline projections to this company.
In case you were wondering, that number is over 90% projected year over year!
If you aren’t already using xxxxxx to boost your sales prospecting efficiency and save time and make you money, I would highly recommend this platform to anyone on the market.”
Mark Lotenero, Enterprise Account Executive @ Grapevine6

Oliver, AMAZON - Booked $1.5M in
New Business

Wow. Listen up! Before using xxxxxx, I wasn’t reaching the enterprise accounts I needed to hit quota.
It was impossible to find and prospect the volume of enterprise deals I was looking for, when 80% of my time was spent looking for their contact information and getting past the gatekeepers.
I felt like I tried everything, but I was still working consistent 12 hours days just to hit my quota.
This may seem like an over exaggeration, but when most of my time was spent weeding out and DQing prospects, the only time I had left to sell and close was the 20% left I had in my day.
I knew there had to be a way to make things easier.
I started trying out all the databases out there claiming to save me money and find me highly qualified leads.
Just to clarify, there isn’t ANYTHING like that on the market but xxxxxx.
It’s the most cost-efficient platform out there, with unlimited sales leads, highly qualified contact information… I could go on.
I was able to uncover a handful of contacts to meet very specific criteria and also was able to add 1,000s of valuable leads to my organization’s CRM.
I closed a $1,500,000 deal with the list I built with xxxxxx… our largest yet.
Since then, our sales team has gone from 87% to sales quota to over 247% to sales quota.
If you aren’t already using xxxxxx, you need to start today.”

Oliver C.

AnswerIQ - 500+ New Enterprise Accounts, 1 Week

My only job was to fill our pipeline as fast as possible. When I first started, all the other software I tried to implement like DiscoverOrg, Lusha and LeadIQ were not giving me accurate contact information to reach these goals.

I wasted $100K+ on tools that fell short, and I thought for sure I could lose my job for good – I might as well have been prospecting on Google myself!
So I went back to my old ways – finding contact information the manual way, and after getting fed up again, I decided to try one more tool.
That tool happened to be xxxxxx.
Not only did it fill my pipeline in seconds, but the pipeline was filled with all the accurate data I needed to effectively reach out and book meetings with decision makers at companies I had been trying to reach for years.
Instantly, xxxxxx helped us add 500+ enterprise accounts to our lead list, increasing our number of those meetings booked by over 35%! 
Since partnering with xxxxxx, our sales reps have been breaking records every single week. Last week, each rep booked a record-breaking average of 10 meetings/day. Previously, we were only booking around 30 per week!!
For anyone out there ready to give up on lead generation software and haven’t tried xxxxxx, I hope this gives you the confidence to move forward with the best decision you could ever make.
Gianfranco Vinci, Business Development – Team Lead @ AnswerIQ

Gianfranco V.

Nathan, Dell EMC - Closed 227%
More Deals in One Quarter

Before xxxxxx, I didn’t trust any other platform to do the work, I felt like I could do better – aka prospecting qualified leads.
If I had to take extra time to do it myself to get the right contact info, it was better than paying for a DiscoverOrg, and getting only 50% accuracy.
Then, someone told me about xxxxxx and out of curiosity and quite frankly, a little desperation, I tried something new and never looked back.
xxxxxx gave me the confidence I needed up front, and walked alongside me with all the training I needed to be the best salesperson I could be using their platform.
In just one quarter, I finished at 227%, enabling me to deliver the right message at the right time to close more deals in that quarter alone than I ever have in my life.
Since xxxxxx, our sales team went from booking 100 appointments a month to over 379 appointments a month while cutting their sales tech budget in half.
If you’re comparing tools, don’t look further. Compared to other databases out there, xxxxxx data is much more up-to-date, not to mention their custom service is second to none.”

Nathan K.


Seed2C - 100% of SDRs Exceeding Quota, 1 Month

Before partnering with xxxxxx, we used other tools that were filled with bad or outdated data. As a result, we lacked direct dials, ran into gatekeepers, and frequently our contacts didn’t even work at the same company anymore. It just wasn’t working and we were faced with a major roadblock.

I knew there were tools out there that could give me my entire addressable market, I just needed to find which one was worth a damn.
I tried all the competitors and quickly found that xxxxxx data is much more up-to-date. In fact, xxxxxx has a higher accuracy rate and more of our ICPs than any other service I’ve used because it’s a real-time search for information and not a database that gets outdated.
Simply put, it’s the only data provider that has proven to deliver complete and reliable contact information for the titles and accounts we care about most.
Without xxxxxx we’d be spending far more time researching this information and updating our CRM manually. As a result, the sales team is able to spend more time on the phone selling and less time researching.
Because of our partnership with xxxxxx, 100% of our SDRs have met or exceeded meetings-booked goals. One rep even scheduled over 273 qualified appointments in one month!
We are blown away by the revenue results and the cost savings we are able to generate with xxxxxx. If you’re looking for a data provider, there is no better one on the market.
Gino S. Donati, Founder & Director of Sales Development @ Seed2C

Gino D.

Wade, LogMeIn - $240K to $351K, 84 Days

We sell a freemium software to the enterprise Fortune 1000. It’s difficult to find all the ready to buy decision makers interested in new web conferencing solutions like LogMeIn. Additionally the market has been inundated with new competitors like Zoom Video etc.
I was behind my quota by 25% and wanted to use xxxxxx to get back up to my target for Presidents Club.
Within 84 days I went from $240K to $351K MRR and just spent the last week at President’s Club in the Caribbean with my father.
Thank you xxxxxx. I owe you big. I highly recommend to any software salesperson.

Wade B.

CISCO, Went from Booking 2-10 Appointments/Day

I was starting a brand new role as a sales account executive. I had huge plans to lead my team in ways I felt could really take things up a notch.
But when I came on board, I realized our entire system was in shambles. Our salespeople were hardly booking 1-2 new appointments day, because most of the people they prospected, weren’t qualified customers or an ideal customer.
It was taking me hours on top of hours to prospect new customers. Not to mention we had so many outdated contacts in our CRM database. I was at a complete loss.
An account executive at Cisco recommended I get on xxxxxx so I joined 45 days into my AE role.
Since using xxxxxx, I’m averaging 7 new appointments each day and over 150 qualified meetings a month with ideal customers. 
Without xxxxxx I’d be spending all of my time on manual list building and researching this information to update our CRM manually. As a result, I’ve been able to increase our pipeline and sales results for Cisco tenfold.
Would never start prospecting without it!!!!“

Chris B.

Google - Increased Lead Accuracy by 100%, Instantly

Before using xxxxxx, I was on a roller coaster, but I could never make it over the hill. I would research and build up lists of contacts for days, but it was never enough momentum to get to the fun part – closing.

It was always one step forward, 10 steps back.
Building lists of leads that weren’t accurate – total waste of my time!
I needed a technology to help me do all the work that kept me from booking meetings and winning the deals.
I couldn’t believe the results when I first found xxxxxx…. it completely changed the way I did business.
What’s different now?
Before using xxxxxx, I could only research and call 17 people a day. With xxxxxx, I can now prospect 150-200 people a day with just a click of a button…. Not to mention all the data has been 100% accurate for me (versus 50% accuracy using any other platform).
There is no other tool out there like this – seriously, try any of their competitors and you’ll waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on inaccurate info!
I can’t thank xxxxxxenough for doing what they do and for helping me have more success in my career than ever before.

Jeff C.

David, IBM - $9M and Over 300% to Quota in 1 Year

IBM had no data. The IBM CRM was full of garbage.

I had to generate my own pipeline and book my own book of business.
Using xxxxxx selling the IBM Websphere product I generated $9M in sales and my quota was $2,800,000. 
I finished the year at over 300% to quota and hit every commission accelerator that was possibly available (And they weren’t happy about it) Made nearly $500K on my W2.

David B.

Tony Deslandes, From 250 Leads in 5 Hours
to 250 leads in 5 Minutes

I can’t believe I didn’t find xxxxxx before I wasted 5 hours/day on manual list building!

The AI technology xxxxxx has to offer has opened the door for me completely – cutting the time I spent on prospecting alone by nearly 100%.
I’m embarrassed that I had not yet found a tool with this level of accuracy – and for the price?!
This SAVES me money!!
Before, I literally spent 3-5 hours every time I needed to prospect 250 quality leads. Even doing that on my own, I still couldn’t get all accurate emails, cell phone numbers or find all my prospects on social media.
xxxxxx is second to none (believe me I’ve tried them all), and there is no other database out there with the ability to source quality leads this quickly, all while allowing you to directly import everything into your CRM.
I was even able to launch email campaigns to my xxxxxx sales leads too – all that in LESS time it would have taken me to manually prospect the leads alone.
Job well done xxxxxx! You have beyond exceeded my expectations!
Tony Deslandes, Technical Translator @ Komoot

Tony D.

Frank, NetJets - $0 to $103K Per month

“Before using xxxxxx, I couldn’t find the most up-to-date information about my target customers. 
It was taking me hours of research to find my ideal customer and tailor the perfect email message (which by the way after finally sending it, the address would return invalid!)
I use multiple tools like Sales Navigator, Hubspot and more, never realizing there was one critical piece missing.
That was the ability to find and build lists of all our ideal customers instantly, and be able to download all their emails and cell phone numbers directly into the CRM without having to doubt whether they were valid or not.
When I first heard of xxxxxx, I admit, I had my doubts. But now using it for over three years, I have to say it’s one of the highest value producing tools in our toolbox we use. 
I went from zero in sales to generating over $103,000 per month in sales. 
If you are looking for a sales tool that will change your life for the better, this is the one.

Frank W.


EPSILON - $675K to $2.4M, 6 months

“We finished building our sales automation processes out and we started testing ways to increase close rates and lead volume predictability. Things had been really low, and we were getting worried. 
We started working with xxxxxx after hearing about what he did for Amazon. Not only did his product beat out most other databases on the market, but his team walked us through the entire system start to finish – how to pull quality leads into the funnel, faster, so our close rates would be higher.
Truthfully, all I had to do was input my target persona and push a button before I had more quality leads than I knew what to do with. The results were great.
I have completely automated my prospecting. 
My lead generation campaigns went from delivering a 50% accuracy rate to a 90% accuracy rate.
My demo booking rate increased by 300%, from booking 1 to 4 appointments per day.
Most notably, our team went from $400k to $2.4 MRR in just 3 Months!
With the funnel fully automated, our sales will more than cover the tiny expense to use the platform.
What’s even more impressive is that the CEO has continued to provide valuable information like sales scripts, tips and books he’s written FOR FREE, to ensure we are fully armed for success.
With a fully automated funnel we are now able to confidently close channel deals and send people through the funnel at scale.
David Koterba, Epsilon

David K.

Zach, FACEBOOK - ($24-$32M in 1.3 months)

“After being stuck for months, unable to break past my quota, I decided to reach out to Brandon Bornancin about xxxxxx.
I expressed how I was unable to really scale beyond booking 2 appointments per day with my current processes.
He asked me about my CRM, other integrations, and what sales lead generation tools I was currently using to help me prospect qualified prospects, faster.
My answer was… Salesforce, Sales Navigator, but no lead generation tool. I was skeptical after trying others who couldn’t deliver accurate data or effectively integrate with tools I used daily.
We jumped on the free trial of xxxxxx, and I was immediately impressed. Right off the bat, Brandon helped me find hundreds of leads based on my ideal customer criteria, and I could also directly import them into my CRM.
Better yet, they were not just leads, but as I later found, they were all highly validated leads. I couldn’t believe it.
After just a month using xxxxxx, I saw a 425% increase in call to connect rates.
Using xxxxxx, my booked to held rate went from 2 appointments to 8 appointments per day!
It’s amazing what the power of artificial intelligence in sales can do. xxxxxx is the only live lead generation tool out there using it, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture the type of data they’ve been able to for us.”

Zach M.

Ben, OPTIMIZELY - 3-7 Appointments Booked per Day

Optimizely is the best conversion optimization platform on this planet. THat being said, all of our business that past decade has been inbound and it was time to go outbound.

I evaluated and tested all the data platforms. xxxxxx took me from booking 60 appointments a month to 150 booked appointments each month.
I was able to do this because of three reasons:

1. I found all the digital marketers with the current titles working at all the current companies I needed to sell to (sales databases I purchased never had any of these contacts)

2. Emails never bounced

3. I got cellphones 75% of the time so calling prospects was easy. One call closes typically.

Thank you xxxxxx… On pace to increase appointments booked this next month by 325%

Ben T.

GUEST SUPPLY - $1M in ARR Milestone in 1 Year

Before xxxxxx, we were just getting our feet wet using lead generation services. We lacked the knowledge we needed to see what xxxxxx could do versus some of the bigger, more expensive platforms such as DiscoverOrg.
We were a bit all over the place, but we were still growing.
It didn’t take long to figure out other lead generation databases were selling us inaccurate data, so we tried xxxxxx and were immediately stunned!
Within our first year using it, xxxxxx helped put us on a path to our first $1M in ARR.
For one, it’s the easiest platform to use, and pulls in more qualified leads than I’ve ever seen in my life. It has completely automated the way we sell, giving us a better process, structure, and know-how to effectively reach audiences in ways I never imagined.
PS – We just booked a $3K/month deal as I write this which will likely lead to another critical referral for us. This was a cold email pitch I used on a mass list I pulled in using xxxxxx.
The ability to prospect and build lists fast, has given us the ability to scale even faster. My only regret is that I didn’t know about xxxxxx sooner!

Edward P.